Saturday, April 14, 2012

Things We've Learned Getting Started

Well, it's the end of week one and here is what we have learned about eating gluten-free vegan food.

1. Groceries are expensive. I think the initial week is expected to be expensive. We had to stock up the pantry so there would be no excuses. But to be honest, I think we bought a lot more than necessary for fear we would starve without dairy and meat products! In the long run it evens out as we are not eating out and buying lunch everyday at work.

2. I can actually live without my morning chocolate biscotti! Who knew I would not curl up in a corner, rocking from withdrawals.

3. Stu is often concerned there is not enough protein on his plate. Initially, I was more concerned with making sure we weren't eating the wrong foods, that I forgot about incorporating portions of protein. I have found some great sources of protein I will share in my next post.

4. We never feel deprived! Perhaps our bodies are getting all the right nutrients. I have noticed that I have not had any cravings for junk food or sweets. Stu is still wishing he can have meat, and continues to mention vegan eating is only "temporary" for him. We shall see.

5. We spend more time in the bathroom. We are eating a high fiber diet which is good for pushing out the sludge in our systems. We start each morning with our home made cereal made of gluten free oats, ground flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chopped dates, pecans and raisins. Of course we have this with almond milk. 

6. To be careful of calories!  It sounds healthy but the calories still count. I spoke to lady at the health food store who is a GFV and eats 75% raw food. She suggested that most of our meals should consist of fresh veggies. It can't always be rice and beans, as good as they are!

7. There are many good resources available to guide us. We bought two GFV cookbooks and have been inspired by some great blogs. 

Next I will post pictures of some of the incredible things we ate this week! On a side note: I lost FOUR  pounds this week! Mind you, I am not doing this for weight loss however I DO need to lose weight. Stu has lost weight also. He started his vegan diet several weeks ago when he went home to Jamaica to see a doctor. He did not weigh himself but I notice a difference and so have a few others. In all fairness, he had a head start while I was indulging in what they call "last supper syndrome" to be sure I ate all the things I love before he got back. Now, I am committed to supporting him both on an emotional level and a nutritional level. I want him to get better. When someone you love gets sick, it changes the way you look at things. Health is more important than any of the joys we put in our mouth. Thus the name of our blog came about. For us, this is Food:Take 2!

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