Friday, April 20, 2012


Last night we decided to have salads from a salad and wrap place called  "Tossed" down the street. We were delighted to see all of the menu items labeled V for vegan, VG for Vegetarian and GF for Gluten free. I chose a Thai salad with peanut dressing which was labeled V,GF, - perfecto! Stu ordered a Go Green salad with garlic dressing which was also labeled V, GF. When we arrived home to eat he noticed his salad dressing was white. I told him it was probably made with soy milk or something so he hesitatingly forged ahead. When he was done he couldn't shake the feeling he might have had dairy so he called the place and asked for the ingredients in the dressing. Sure enough, it had mayo. We looked at our to go menu and noticed the dressings were at the bottom of the menu and his dressing was labeled vegetarian and not vegan. We should have asked before we ordered but we learned a lesson. I still think they should not have labeled the salad vegan if it already came with an assigned dressing. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm not always right so if I ever post anything on this blog that I have eaten and it is NOT vegan or Gluten free, I am open to being made of aware of the situation! Please! Also, the waiter told us the tofu was not GF. I was wondering, is all tofu not gluten free?

Stu immediately felt sick but it could have been a mind over matter thing.

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