About Us

Stu and I are one of those couples that love doing everything together but like every couple, we do have our differences. While he has always been a true carnivore whose eyes light up at a slab of steak mooing on his plate, I have more of a sweet tooth and would prefer skipping dinner and going straight to dessert. Together , we agree on Friday night dirty martinis with grey goose vodka.  Recently, things changed when Stu was rushed to the ER for what docs think was a seizure related to an un-diagnosed auto- immune disorder. After being in and out of the hospital and enduring numerous blood tests and MRI's, he was finally diagnosed with Sjorgens disease. The doc put him on a gluten-free, vegan diet explaining that our bodies can create an auto-immune response to certain foods. And since we always do everything together, (and I wasn't going to let him get all of the special attention), we are on this journey together; To eat better and to take better care of ourselves and each other. So we decided to start this blog to document the good, bad and the ugly right from the start! We don't expect it to be easy but maybe one day, it will just be a way of life:)  

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