Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something with Rice Noodles

I am a major carb-craver who has been missing my favorite meal of all time -Panang Curry. I'm sure that there are great GFV recipes out there but I had to use what was already in the pantry. After spending $300 on groceries this weekend we vowed to stay out of the store until at least a week. So this recipe was just a creation that turned out so tasty!

GFV chili sauce and peanut sauce were used but only a couple spoons of each with addition of Tamari Sauce , which is a Gluten Free soy sauce.

I sauteed the following with a tad of sesame oil in my Wok:
Garlic, green onion, mushrooms
a few spoons chili sauce (depending on how spicy you want it!)
baby corn
fresh steamed broccoli (I steamed in the microwave for two minutes)

Then I threw the boiled rice noodles into the wok and stirred it all up and tasted :)
Thats when I added a couple TBS of peanut sauce and Tamari to taste.

Topped w fresh cilantro. Quick and easy.

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