Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GFV Red Velvet Cake

So my guy was secretly busy in the kitchen last night making me stay in my room as to not see what he was up to. I smelled him baking something. He said it was some kind of oats cake with raisin glaze. I will admit I smiled but was not enthusiastic over the sound of that at ALL. When he was finally done I was so surprised! We each ate a nice sized piece. It was so goooood. But after eating clean wholesome foods for the past 6 weeks, the ingredients in this cake made us both feel terrible shortly after. (Shortening being a main ingredient). We decided we would not have any more of it but it was delicious and I was very touched that he went through all the effort to make something like this. I will find out where he sourced the recipe and post it later.

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