Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another Meal From Greenwave Cafe

Last night Stu decided to stop and pick up dinner on his way home. Since we "discovered" this place a few weeks ago and quite liked it, we decided to go for another round of colorful, delicious, freshness. As an appetizer we had the "sushi" which was every bit like sushi and I can say nothing seemed to be lacking in flavor. The sauce was amazing as was the roll. We used to be regular sushi eaters before we made the switch to being vegan so we were quite impressed with this dish!
We also shared the lettuce wrap tacos which I think were even better than the burrito we had last time. The "cheese" sauce and guacamole were up to par.
Below were the kelp noodles. I do not recall what the name of the actual dish was called but it was an Asian inspired dish. I have to say I was not fond of the kelp noodles and neither was Stu so we only ate a few bites. 

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