Saturday, May 5, 2012

GFV Pizza & a Rookie Mistake

Tonight we decided to try out a place called Pizza Fusion. I found it online and when I found out they had GFV crust and GFV brownies I was in. But it was the GFV beer that had me at hello.I can honestly say the pizza tasted like ordinary pizza on a thin crispy crust. I did not taste anything funny in regard to the soy cheese either. 

The beer was so nice and felt like a real treat.When we were about halfway through the bottle we realized that while it was gluten free, it had honey in the ingredient list so of course it was not vegan. Another rookie mistake on our part because we should have checked the label without taking the waitress's word for it. 

I admit we did finish that round and split a second beer that WAS actually GFV.

What I liked about the salad was that I did not have to make the dressing and it was delish. I admit having spiral carrot strips made the salad feel special to me! It's the little things:)

He told me to look at the camera and then he kissed me, but I kissed him back-I promise!

What's a night out to a newly discovered restaurant without a gluten free vegan brownie??

Admittedly, my son's cookies looked amazing but they are NOT GFV so we snapped a quick pic and turned away from the cookies lol.

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